It’s time the Conservatives stopped taking us for granted

Opposition to our chaotic Government is fragmented under our broken voting system, the largest party in each constituency wins, and all other votes are ignored. Let's remove them.

During the 2019 election, each million votes put the following number of MPs into Parliament:

26 Conservative MPs
20 Labour MPs
3 Lib Dem MPs
1 Green MP
Our voting system was developed in the days of just two parties. It is no longer fit for purpose in today’s multi-party world. It gives 100% of the power to the party with the most votes, even when that’s less than half. Some MPs are voted in on as little as 30%. Safe seats breed unaccountability. Incumbents often feel entitled to their power and use it to benefit their supporters rather than their constituents.

It's time to rebuild after the damage the Conservatives have caused...

Collapse of Integrity

Lying, corruption and disregard for the law has become normalised. The UK’s reputation abroad is being trashed, our democratic institutions diminished.

Economic Incompetence

The mini budget sent debt spiralling, exports have collapsed and taxes for the super wealthy continue to be cut. Our farmers are threatened with cheap imports and £ billions have been wasted.

Not doing enough for the environment

Failing dismally to tackle climate change and end our dangerous reliance on oil giants. England is the 7th most nature-depleted nation in the world but the Conservatives are just not doing enough to protect nature. They have allowed water companies to dump raw sewage in our rivers until 2050.

Housing is unaffordable and poverty levels are continuing to escalate

Government talk of affordable homes is just a lot of hot air. Young people can't find safe and secure housing in which they can plan to bring up families.  Heating badly insulated homes and being reliant on off the grid heating oil or LPG in rural areas adds to costs.