In 2019 Michelle Donelan won with only 40.1% in Chippenham. The prediction on 6th June 2024 is for her to win on  38% of the vote - so over 60% of opposition votes could be ignored!

Predicted vote share in Melksham & Devizes Primary 2024. Lib Dem 30.4% / Labour 20.1% / Greens 3% / Reform 8.2% / Conservatives 38% / Others 0%

Opposition voters are the majority!
Help us bring about the change we need by voting for a single opposition candidate

The Primary process brings the opposition together

By selecting a single opposition candidate, with a real chance of winning, we can help revive democracy. People who have long felt disengaged with politics will see the chance for real change.

If you believe in democracy, not one-party-rule, that can only be a good thing.