What Polls and Tactical Voting sites say about Melksham & Devizes Constituency

The main polls we are monitoring put the Conservatives on between 30% - 38% of the vote here. Michelle Donelan's share of the vote has increased slightly in the early weeks of the Election campaign, as she has been campaigning full-on... spending like topsy to persuade us that she is the fluffy bunny, friendly and approachable candidate.

Most people we have spoken with when out and about believe her to be a hard-nosed career politician who spent £34,000 of the public's money to settle a libel suit when she wrongly accused two respected academics of supporting Hamas, and whose husband's and father-in-law's firms benefited by millions of pounds when they were awarded PPE contracts via the VIP lane during the pandemic.

As voters who believe that parliamentarians are servants of the people, not themselves, we urge you to look at the polls and keep checking back to this page and our socials where we will share the most likely party to beat the Tories here.

When we will publish details of the tactical vote?

If you have a postal vote and need to send it in quickly, please use the links below to help determine which party is the most likely tactical vote.

Whilst we wish to leave room for local changes to be taken into account (e.g. after the Hustings), we also want to help give a clear steer, so will probably put out a post about the tactical vote some time around the weekend of 22nd /week commencing 24th June.

Check whether you live in the new Melksham & Devizes Constituency...

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Predictions for 4th July Election in Melksham & Devizes constituency

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Polling & tactical voting sites we are monitoring

- YouGov [scroll down and put Melksham and Devizes into the search box] ▶

- Electoral Calculus  ▶

- Election Maps UK [scroll down & hover over the map or put Melksham into the search box] ▶

- stopthetories.vote uses an average of various polls including the top two above ▶

- Survation [scroll down and hover over map]

Another tactical voting site you may hear mentioned in the media is...

-  tactical.vote ▶ They use actual votes from the 2019 Election with adjustments for the boundary changes.